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About Us

VEE BAZAAR is an India based company engaged with FORMERS and VENDERS in the business of organized retail and operates supermarkets under the brand name of VEE BAZAAR. Founded by Chairman Sri Konduru Venkatesh. It provides products under the categories of Foods, Non-Foods (FMCG) and General Merchandise and Apparel. Foods category includes products such as dairy, staples, groceries, snacks, frozen products, processed foods, beverages and confectionary and fruits and vegetables. Non-Foods (FMCG) comprise home care products, personal care products, toiletries and other over the counter products. General Merchandise and Apparel includes bed and bath, toys and games, crockery, plastic goods, garments, footwear, utensils and home appliances

Low Operational Costs and Fewer Expenses

Vee Bazaar believes in the effective utilization of the spaces instead of adorning its interiors and shelves fancifully. The company works in launching more and more products in fewer spaces for the customers to choose from, which can also be summed up as a low-interior-cost concept to reduce the operational costs. Besides, when you walk into a Vee bazaar store you would also find lesser billing counters, which further works in reducing employee costs.All the business operations of the company are principally carried out in India. What's more, Vee Bazaar's intended interest group being the centre pay gathering, it uses Discount offers as a special instrument for baiting the clients and expanding deals too. 

The chain of Vee Bazaar operates on a Business to Consumer model in which the company sells its goods from the manufacturer’s house to that of the end-user.